We are the company that transforms your product your recipe


We are developing and producing nutritional supplements following forms:

  • Liquids: Syrups in vials of different sizes ranging from 5 ml to 1 Lit, sachets up to 10 ml and single dose products
  •  Capsules: Different sizes from no 2 to no 00, packed in blisters and vials of various sizes
  • Tablets: Different sizes simply, dissolved and coated.
  • Powders: Packed in different sizes

We develop the products, we collaborate with our customers

We are investigating and recommending innovative active substances.
We offer full development of recipes, shaping and special features.
We select and investigate the compatibility of packaging materials.
We proceed to the production of test batches and stubility study.
We provide technical and legislative assistance as well as help in the aesthetic and legislative presentation of the product.

Product categories

Indicative and non-restrictive list of basic categories:

Nervous system
Digestive system
Cardiovascular System
Musculoskeletal System
Anxiety and sleep
Weight control
Immune system